You will receive an email from us with a questionnaire asking you to provide most of the necessary information. If there is any additional information you wish to provide or discuss please bring it with you.

If you haven't already provided any of the following information that is relevant to you please bring it to your appointment.
  • Payment Summaries

  • Lump Sum and Termination Payment Summaries

  • Government payment statements

  • Interest income

  • Dividend statements

  • Annual Tax Statements from managed funds

  • Other income:

    • Business

    • Rental properties

    • Foreign income

    • Partnership or trust distributions

    • Capital gains - be sure to include cost information as well as sale information.

    • Cryptocurrency trades - we need all sales and the relevant purchases for those sales. You should be able to download the relevant data from your trading app.

    • Employee share schemes



  • Work-related expenses (summarised into categories):

    • NB: you are required to have receipts for all expenses if total of work-related expenses exceeds $300

    • Uniforms and protective clothing

    • Motor vehicle

      • 12 week logbook and summary of running expenses or alternatively the number of kilometres travelled for work purposes

      • If new work vehicle has been purchased, tax invoice and finance paperwork

    • Travel (fare, accommodation and meals for overnight stays)

    • Self-education and professional development

    • Union, registration fees, membership fees

    • Tools

    • Subscriptions

    • Home office expenses - number of hours the home office is used for work. Percentage of use of internet/home phone

    • Seminar, conference expenses

    • Any other costs incurred in earnings taxable income

  • Donations to a registered charity or school building fund

  • Personal superannuation contributions - if you have made personal superannuation contributions that you wish to claim as a tax deduction, you will need to complete and submit a Notice of Intention to Claim form to your Superannuation fund (this can be done online via your Superannuation portal or contact us for a paper form). Once this form has been lodged your Superannuation Fund will issue you with a Letter of Acknowledgement, please either bring a copy of this letter to your appointment, or email us a copy prior to your appointment. If you are claiming a personal superannuation contribution we cannot lodge your tax return without this letter.

  • Income protection insurance

  • Rental property expenses


Other information

  • Private health insurance statement

  • Spouse details including taxable income and exempt income 

  • Bank account details for your ATO refund if applicable


Better to have more information than not enough. Please contact the office if you unsure of what to bring for your circumstances.


What to bring to your appointment